Online Vitriol Conference Program Highlights

(See here for the full program: Program 22 June)


Unless indicated, all events take place at this address in the Multifunktionsraum (MFR) of the Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture, Alter Steinbacher Weg 38, Gießen.

Wednesday 28 June

18:00-20:00 Opening lecture

Sarah Kendzior (independent journalist) Moderator: Greta Olson

Coping with Social Media under a Post-Truth President

Alte Universitätsbibliothek, Bismarckstraße 37, Gießen


Thursday  29 June

10:00-12:30 Keynote lectures

Frans-Willem Korsten (Leiden University & Erasmus School of History, Communication and Culture)

Vitriol as an Attack on Culture: the Logic of Surplus Value and the Aestheticizing of the Political

Daniel Trottier (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Visibility as Vitriol: Exploring User-led Shaming


16:15-18:15         Panel discussion

Dealing with Online Vitriol in Theory and Practice


  • Penelope Kemekenidou (Stop BILD Sexism)
  • Ramón Reichert (Universität Wien)
  • Andreas Schwarzkopf (Frankfurter Rundschau)

Moderator: Greta Olson (JLU Gießen)
Friday 30 June

17:00-19:00         Keynote lecture

Sarah Kendzior (independent journalist)

Trump, Trolls, and the Truth: Digital Media in the Era of “Alternative Facts”

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